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Image from winning Rotch 2020 project

David Costanza, 2020 Rotch Scholar

David Costanza has been named the 2020 Rotch Travelling Scholarship recipient. He will receive a stipend to spend at least six months travelling and studying architecture around the world.

David Costanza

David Costanza is the director and lead designer of DCS (David Costanza Studio). Through practice and teaching, his research addresses the emerging digital and technical advancements reshaping the discipline. The work aims to establish a dialogue between representation, computational design tools, digital manufacturing, and the innovative use of building materials. David Costanza is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Masters of Architecture with a concentration in Computation and a Master’s of Science in Architecture Building Technology. David Costanza has previously taught at Rice University for four years as the Technology Fellow and is currently teaching in the Department of Architecture at Cornell AAP.

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